Feel-Good Indian curry with turkey

I know Fridays. They’re the end of the week. You’re tired. You don’t feel you have the energy to cook, so how about a takeout?! Yes it’s a classic, isn’t it? But part of my goal with this blog is to give you easy, yet healthy and delicious options.

Not alone does homemade taste better, it’s also sooo much healthier. If you don’t know this already, the main problem with takeouts is the amount of salt and other “invisible” ingredients. Let’s say you’re cooking for a dinner party. You’re automatically adding more seasoning because it’s a bigger amount you’re cooking. Then think about how much needs to go into fast food. Even though it’s under the “healthy” category.

Alright, enough about that for now. How about you make this quick and yummy curry tonight? It requires a minimum of ingredients and only takes about half an hour. Now that time is hard for even Deliveroo to beat.

Quick and easy Indian Curry

You’ll need:
400-500 g turkey breasts (leave out for meat-free version)
3-4 tbsp tikka masala curry paste
2 onions
1 x 200 g tin of light coconut milk
1 x box of coconut cream
1 organic chicken stock cube (use vegetable stock if meat-free)
100 ml water
1 cauliflower
1 tin/box chickpeas
150 g baby spinach
Curry powder
Ginger (optional)

Serving suggestion:
Basmati rice
Creme Fraiche
And/or Naan bread

How to:
Chop the onions into thinly sliced wedges.
Slice the turkey into 2 cm strips. Cut them in half.

Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a wok on medium heat with the curry powder and paste, add the turkey and fry for a few minutes. Add the onions and ginger.

Add coconut milk, turn the heat up and bring gently to the boil. Add the water and stock cube and stir occasionally. Rinse and chop the cauliflower into small florets and add. Let simmer for 6-8 minutes.

Add the rinsed chickpeas and spinach and mix into the curry. Then add the coconut cream and simmer slightly.

Adjust taste with seasoning and serve with warm naan bread, rice and creme fraiche.

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