Tag: healthy

  • Gluten-free Protein Banana Bread

    A healthy and gluten-free protein version of banana bread using only 6 ingredients and will keep spongy for about a week in the fridge Using only 6 ingredients this healthy banana bread is super easy to make and with no flour or refined sugar, it’s a really good source of protein as well. Eat a…

  • Fudgy Banana Bread with dark chocolate and peanut butter

    Super fudgy banana bread with dark chocolate, peanut butter and spices. This is without a doubt the best banana bread in the world! It’s a perfect mix of bittersweet dark chocolate, ripe bananas and spices for extra oomph.

  • Turmeric Latte-style smoothie

    Bright and yellow smoothie poured into different sized glasses and jars. Placed on a grey background with turmeric, lemons and ginger

  • Smoothie ice lollies

    Pink berry smoothie ice lollies made with coconut cream and bananas on a light background with edible flowers

  • Healthy no bake millionaire’s shortbread

    Super delicious no-bake millionaire’s shortbread with dates, dark chocolate, sea salt and a coconut flour base.

  • Quinoa salad with crispy chickpeas, baked carrots and tahini dressing

    Quinoa salad full of colours with baked carrots, baked tomatoes, fresh blood orange slices, sugar snaps and crispy curried chickpeas. Served with a creamy tahini dressing on a large serving tray with a light blue linen cloth, vintage cutlery and curry chicken fillet on a small white plate.

  • Chilli Con Carne with baked sweet potato

    Chilli Con Carne in a red Le Cruset pot with coriander. Served with a baked sweet potato with seasalt on a round wooden chopping board with a clove of garlic and green chilli

  • Peach, blood orange and passion fruit smoothie

    This little vitamin boost of a smoothie will fill you right up with vitamins and fibre which are excellent to start the day with/get you through until lunchtime. Acai berries contain amino acids which help promote muscle performance, energy production, endurance and strength. Acai berries contain as much vitamin C as blueberries and is also a source…

  • Protein Cookies Oreo Style

    Two cacao cookies sandwich style with a protein and Greek yogurt filling with a glass bottle of milk in the background with a pink and white striped paper straw

  • Seafood Salad

    Salmon, crayfish and prawns in a cream of cottage cheese and drained yoghurt on a bed of green leaves, tomatoes, cucumber and red onion