Tag: curry

  • Spicy Curry Ramen

    Warming, full of flavours, vegetables and spices. This Curry Ramen soup will have you clapping your hands. A perfect golden broth with creamy coconut milk makes you want to slurp up every single drop of this seriously delicious ramen that can beat any take out/restaurant.

  • Feel-Good Indian curry with turkey

    I know Fridays. They’re the end of the week. You’re tired. You don’t feel you have the energy to cook, so how about a takeout?! Yes it’s a classic, isn’t it? But part of my goal with this blog is to give you easy, yet healthy and delicious options.

  • Authentic Thai Green Curry

    Here’s a fun fact for you. I’ve travelled around what feels like every corner of Thailand for 3 whole months. The plan was to go to Cambodia and Laos as well, but because of trouble between the good folks of Thailand we couldn’t risk leaving the country as the borders could potentially close.