Spicy Curry Ramen

Warming, full of flavours, vegetables and spices. This Curry Ramen soup will have you clapping your hands. A perfect golden broth with creamy coconut milk makes you want to slurp up every single drop of this seriously delicious ramen that can beat any take out/restaurant.

How to make ramen

I’ve always stayed away from ramen/broth-based soups because they seemed overwhelming to make. But after having made soups all autumn and winter I was thinking ‘heck, what’s the worst that can happen’. And boy did I regret not making my own ramen sooner. It’s so much easier than it sounds and you can adjust with whatever flavours and/or greens you have or prefer. You simply prepare and chop your vegetables and make a paste out of your spices. Then you add homemade/premade stock, add the veggies and serve with either spicy chicken or tofu and toppings. See, simple right?

What is ramen

Ramen is as simple as a Japanese noodle soup served in a very rich broth and then topped with pork, chicken and chopped vegetables and sprouts. The traditional ramen broth is prepared for hours or maybe even days beforehand. This version of ramen is a cheat version as it’s made in 30 minutes or so. But never the less still full of flavours and very rich.

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