Creamy chocolate and coconut hummus

Do you recognise this: you’ve just had lunch, and you crave chocolate. You just eat your dinner, you fancy chocolate. You might just have had a coffee or a tea aaaaaand you’re craving chocolate.* Haha I’m with you.

*Based on personal experience XD

Fear not fellow chocoholics. I’ve created a chocolate and coconut hummus that you can eat as it is for a quick fix, eat with crisp bread, freshly baked sourdough or perhaps with fresh strawberries and coconut bites. However you prefer, I guarantee you’ll love this one.

Perfectly smooth and rich chocolate flavour

You’ll need:
400 g chickpeas (tinned or soaked overnight)
1/3 cup cocoa powder (good quality)
2 tsp stevia or agave syrup
a dash vanilla extract (I used pure vanilla seeds)
1/3 pack coconut cream (roughly 1/3 cups // 80 ml)

How to:
In a blender, mix the chickpeas, cocoa powder, vanilla, syrup and about half of the coconut cream.

Blend blend blend.

Add more cream until you have a smooth and creamy hummus. (you might need more cream depending on your chickpeas and how soft they are).

That’s it =) Keep in an airtight jar in the fridge.
If you can leave it for that long, it keeps for up to 5 days.

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