How I make my ‘V60’ coffee

I LOVE coffee. However, I’m — amongst many other things — a snob when it comes to coffee. Therefore I simply can’t drink instant or bad filter coffee. Therefore this blog post will be more of theoretical character rather than an actual recipe.

I’ve researched the many options out there, and although I’d love to have a bean to cup machine it’s simply not possible with the limited space we have here in the London flat. Plus it requires quite a lot of maintenance 😉

In these modern days, coffee has somehow become a gastronomical adventure and I’m definitely not patient enough to sit around and play with those Aladdin-Genie looking lamps, however as mentioned, I will not compromise on flavour. I’d normally go to the coffee shop twice a day, which gets kind of annoying because you have to leave the house + it gets very expensive down the line. (Although I’m a huuge fan of how cheap to-go coffee is in London compared to Denmark <3 One large cappuccino will easily cost 5.5 pounds. XD Shocking, I know!)

I’ve found the perfect “machine” that gives me a perfect round and rich flavoured brew – and that is the V60 method. It does require a little bit of work making coffee this way but it’s oh so worth it.

I’m sharing this how-to blog post with you because I had no idea how to operate a so-called V60 coffee brewer when I first bought it, and it took me a while to even figure it out after. Haha

V60 coffee filter and coffee grounds

V60 brewed coffee with steamed, frothy oat milk

You’ll need:
V60 coffee machine
V60 coffee filter (make sure it’s the right size)
Ground coffee of good quality (I use my local coffee house and ask them to ground coffee bean optimised for V60’s)
Boiling water
A spoon to stir

Perfect with syrup, chocolate pieces, cinnamon, cocoa powder etc.

How to:
Start by boiling the water.
Fill the coffee filter with the ground coffee (use a coffee spoon to measure, or roughly 1 loaded tsp per cup)

Put the filter into the cone on top of the V60.
Pour a little bit of water into the cone and stir. You’d want to add just enough water to create a thick paste of the coffee to release all of the good coffee flavours. You can tell by the magnificent foam on top. Now, slowly add more water whilst stirring with the spoon. Give it another stir and let the water run through. Once ‘dry’ add more water and repeat. Keep going until you have the desired amount or richness.

Use a wooden spoon to avoid “shocking” the glass/ceramic which could lead to chips.

Frothy oat milk:
In a mug, heat up your preferred amount of milk. Careful not to overheat/boil it. You want a nice and lukewarm temperature. Tip the mug and insert a milk frother so the tip is just covered by the milk. Froth away until creamy and full of tiny little bubbles that make up the froth/foam.

Pour the coffee gently into the mug, give it a little stir and add extras if you prefer. Sit down and enjoy =)

V60, coffee, homemade coffee, home brewed coffee, oat milk,  Milk Froth
Homemade coffee brewed with a V60 machine and frothy oat milk

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