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  • Gluten-free Protein Banana Bread

    A healthy and gluten-free protein version of banana bread using only 6 ingredients and will keep spongy for about a week in the fridge Using only 6 ingredients this healthy banana bread is super easy to make and with no flour or refined sugar, it’s a really good source of protein as well. Eat a…

  • Fudgy Banana Bread with dark chocolate and peanut butter

    Super fudgy banana bread with dark chocolate, peanut butter and spices. This is without a doubt the best banana bread in the world! It’s a perfect mix of bittersweet dark chocolate, ripe bananas and spices for extra oomph.

  • Glutenfree Banana bread with coconut flour

    I, like so many others, love a good banana bread. And as my hubby and I were going on holiday, I needed to use the (very) ripe bananas we had knocking around. I wanted to make it gluten-free as well, as bread can, sometimes, make the both of us bloated. And with the fore coming…